Unplug: From Screen to Scene, Let's Embrace the Real World

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Consumer-centric from the outset, Outspire is a unique, thesis-driven incubator launched by Otium Capital, Pierre-Edouard Sterin’s family office. As a pioneering incubator backed by one of the most active investors in French ventures, rather than just investing, we hire and co-build ideas with extraordinary CEOs laser-focused on companies that can shape the future of the consumer space with a potential for €100M and profitability in 5-7 years. Our deep understanding of industry megatrends powers our decisive execution.

Our first investment thesis, 'Unplug,' is more than a concept—it's a call for radical transformation.
The advent of the Internet and evolving technologies were heralded as tools to strengthen human relationships. Ironically, they have widened the chasm between us. This issue gains prominence as the unforeseen fallout of the tech revolution seeps into our social interactions, gradually deepening societal fissures. A glance at the rise in mental health issues since 2011—the era of smartphones' mainstream adoption and social media's rapid ascent—drives home this reality. And amid it all, a pandemic of loneliness spreads its insidious grip.

Unplug is our countermove. As the digital world ensnares us, Unplug confronts this new normal, championing authentic relationships that fuel joy. Unlike giants of the attention economy, such as Meta, TikTok, and Google, that tether us to our screens, we offer a liberating path. We aspire to incubate billion-dollar businesses that free people from their screens and inspire them to cherish their real-world lives.

Our ambition is to establish experiences that inspire people to reconnect with their innate selves and the world beyond the digital screen through shared experiences and introspection. We support initiatives ranging from community learning in physical spaces, nature exploration, dating, sports, and local cooking classes to live music events—activities that bolster well-being and create lasting memories.

Targeting first a promising market of Millennials and Gen Z - holding €210B market value in 2022, expected to double by 2030 - we've already begun conceptualizing a couple of initiatives.

As we navigate towards our mission, we understand that the most meaningful journey often doesn’t follow a straight line. Revolutionary transformations demand us to step outside the conventional boundaries and mirror the audacity of trailblazing startups like Airbnb, who dared to embrace strategies that initially didn’t scale. This approach may seem counterintuitive at first glance, but it is the cradle of innovation. 

When it comes to team building, we're looking beyond traditional hiring, seeking visionaries to build vibrant communities for our initiatives. It’s a call to arms against artificial realities and an invitation to build a better world for our children than the one proposed by Zuckerberg and his cohort. Europe's talent pool - rich with researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs - fuels our mission.

We are actively seeking execution-focused CEOs and purpose-driven entrepreneurs with proven track records. Our ideal candidates fall into three categories:

Join us in this revolution: unplug from isolation, plug into connection. Together, let's power a world in sync. 🤘

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